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Shortages of skilled workers in Germany !

Due to the demographic development in Germany, the economy is dependent on the immigration of qualified workers. According to calculations by the Prognos research institute, there could be a shortage of around three million skilled workers, technicans, researchers and medical specialists by 2030. Altough other economic institutes consider this figure to be too high, it is undisputed that the latest progress report by the Federal Ministry of Labor also warns of a shortage of skilled workers. Longer working lives and higher labor force participation rates among women, as well as more investment in education are not enough in themselves.

Recruiting qualified women and men from abroad has therefore become an important element in securing skilled workers !

The German economy is growing, Industry is strong and innovation is a top priority. This means: employment is at record levels, the labor market needs more and more workers.
Germany is positioning itself as a modern and liberal immigration country. According to the OECD , Germany has one of the most liberal immigration systems of all industrialized countries for highly qualified people.
Therefore in Germany as an industrial location, engineers in all sectors, IT specialists and natural scientists are in demand. As the proportion of older people in the population increases, so does the demand for doctors and nurses. Therefore, immigrants with medical and social professors also have very good chances on the labor market. 


Specialists are in need in the following professions:

1.Medical Professional 

German hospitals have a shortfall of around 5000 doctors and medical practices. As of 2012, people across the borders with a foreign degree in Medicine can obtain a licence to practice Medicine in Germany. This also applies to applicants from members of the EU states and from countries not in the European union. However, the relevant degree must be recognized as being equivalent to a valid German medical qualification. 

2.Engineering professions 

The following are the most popular specialist field in the arena of engineering that have a high number of vacancies in Germany.

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Automotive engineering 
  • Electrical engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Computer science
  • Telecommunications

3.More jobs

Graduates in subjects including Mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology have high opportunities in several private companies. Moreover, various research institutes attached to the Max-Planck Society and the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft offer a plethora of attractive jobs.

4.Industrial Mechanics

Currently there are more than 16.000 vacant jobs in the field of machine engineering operational technology and the demand keeps growing. The mot popular job in this field is the industrial mechanic. People interested in this area have the chance to absolve an apprenticeship in different companies in order to become a certified industrial mechanic. The apprenticeship lasts three years during which you will be paid about 1000 Euros a month. After having completed the apprenticeship, the monthly salary is about 2300 Euros a month. A lot of companies offering such apprenticeship places also give their training employees the prospect of a permanent position after having successfully completed the apprenticeship. This makes it an easy entry point into this field. 

5.Retail Sales Personnel

During the last year the number of jobs in the retail sector has risen by 3000. Here, especially the demand for trained retail sales personell as well as sales assistants is increasing. The essence of such jobs is the costumer. Employees in the field need to be able to understand and communicate with costumers. This is important in order to improve their shopping experience and increase the sales of the store. People interested in retail also have the opportunity of doing an apprenticeship. It is among the most popular in Germany, as it can be absolved in many different fiends according to one`s interest.

6.Geriatric Nurse

There has been an increasing demand for trained personell in this area across all of Germany. As the demand in this field is so high, people have the possibility of conducting a financially sponsored advanced training. After having completed such training, the chances for obtaining an adequate job offer are high across all of Germany. Although, compared to the field of work might have to accept lower salaries. But the chances of obtaining a permanent position are overall higher. 

  • Software developer and programmer
  • Electronics engineer, electrician 
  • Healthcare worker and nurse
  • IT consultant, IT analyst 
  • Economist, business administrator 
  • Account manager, client consultant
  • Production assistant
  • Architect, structural engineer

Photos: pixabay/pixelio