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Whatever plans you may have for your future, with a knowledge of German you can create endless possibilities. Learning German means acquiring skills that will improve your professional and private quality of life.

Thats why the best way to learn German is to speak it all the time. Sign up for language courses...

We help you to learn basic german skills that will help you to


communicate at a job interview or at a meeting with other

entrepreneurs.We adjust our lessons to your individual wishes. 

That means:

Individual courses with a small number of participants 

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But why learn German?

1. Make a career 
Many German companies have international locations. Good German language skills increase the chances of a career with a german compamy. 

Engineering sciences,medicine or philosophy- Germany is a popular country to study. A German university degree is appreciated by employers worldwide.

3. Research 
You want to become a quantum physicst or marine biologist? German is the second most important language in science. Basic knowledge of the German language is an advantage for many fields of research.

4.Work in Germany 
Good work conditions and Germany´s economic strenght attract skilled workers from all over the world. After the USA, Germany is the world´s second most country for labor.

5. Communicate 
100 million people in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany speak German. This makes German the most spoken mother tongue in Europe and one of the most spoken languages of the world. 

6. Read world literature in the original
Germany is the country of poets and thinkers. Anyone who loves literature would like to read Goethe´s "Faust" in the original.

7.Overcome prejudices
You think German is not melodic? Then you should defintely listen to German poetry slam.

8.Recognize similarities
German is not as difficult as xou might think. Many German words are closely related to English or have immigrated into other languages: Kindergarten-kindergarden; finger-finger; Haus-house; Blau-blue