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We support foreign companies looking for managers and leads in Berlin and Germany.
Our services for companies and business people help to plan and organize your stay in Berlin, as well as answer all open questions concerning job offers and perspectives.


To facilitate your entry we offer you assistance in:

  •  Finding a accommodation as well as booking
  •  Answering questions regarding travel documents
  •  Translating documents in german,english, romain     and russian
  •  Pick-up from the airport
  •  Organising transportation within the city
  •  Using and Procurement of public transport tickets 

How we represent your copmany during your stay:

In order to guarantee the best possible representation of your company we work closely with our customers. We then work together to create the necessary work steps and measures to achieve the individual requirements and goals of the company. We represent the company including business address in Berlin and offer the following services.

  • We provide assistance in finding business contacts
  • Teleophone support and mail forwarding
  • After individual agreements we also make reservations
  • We accompany you to special cultural events in Berlin such as conferences, congresses, local authorities, banks and agencies


                                        We do it for you!

If you need assistance in planing and organising your stay in Berlin contact us ! We are looking forward to work together!

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Berlin is the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany and at the same time one of its countries. With around 3.7 million inhabitants, the city is the most populous and, at 892 square kilometers, also the largest municipality in Germany. This also makes it the most populous city in the European Union. Around 4.5 million people live in its urban agglomeration, and a good 6 million in the Berlin/Brandenburg metropolitan region. The city state consists of twelve districts. In addition to the rivers Spree and Havel, there are smaller watercourses and numerous lakes and forests in the city area. 

First mentioned in 1237, Berlin has been the residence and capital of Brandenburg, Prussia and Germany throughout its history. After the end of the Second World War, the city was divided by the victorious powers in 1945: From 1949 East Berlin was the capital of the German Democratic Republic, while West Berlin was closely linked to the old Federal Republic of Germany. 
With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and German reunification in 1990, the two halves of the city grew together again and Berlin regained its role as the capital of the whole of Germany. Since 1999, the city has also been the final seat of the Federal Government, the President, the Bundestag, the Bundesrat and numerous federal ministries and embassies.

Berlin's major economic sectors include tourism, the creative and cultural industries, biotechnology and health care with medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry, information and communication technologies, construction and real estate, trade, optoelectronics, energy technology and the trade fair and congress industry. The city is a European hub of rail and air traffic. Berlin is one of the up-and-coming, international centers for innovative company founders and records high annual growth rates in the number of employed persons.

Berlin is considered a world city of culture, politics, media and science.Berlin's universities, research institutions, sporting events and museums enjoy an international reputation. The metropolis bears the UNESCO title of City of Design and is one of the most visited centers on the continent. Berlin's architecture, festivals, nightlife and diverse living conditions are known worldwide.

Berlin is one of the most visited centers of national and international city tourism. This makes the city a preferred travel destination within Europe after London and Paris. Due to the positive development in the past decade, the tourism industry in Berlin has become an important pillar of the regional economy.

Source: Wikipedia

Berlin Alexanderplatz -Weltuhr                                        Berlin-Potsdamer Platz

Photos by: M. Tollas/pixelio/pixaby